Approches de psychothérapie

LGBTQIA + and emancipatory psychotherapy

Elssa Martinez offers psychotherapy services inspired by feminist, queer, trans and other emancipatory struggles and advocates that health professionals should not patholigize victims structural inequalities. Individual mental health exists in a social context that can be oppressive and alienating. Sometimes psychotherapy is more about helping people who are normal to survive a dysfunctional society that makes them symptomatic.

Relational and contextual approach to psychotherapy

Initially trained as a social worker, Elssa Martinez integrates social and relational factors with the biological and psychological focus of psychiatry and classical psychology. The social and relational environments in which we grow and live have an impact on our access to resources and our perception of choices and power. Under certain conditions, individual, couple and family therapies can be combined to address relationship problems affecting mental health. In some cases, psychotherapy can also be a basis for advocating social change and organizing resistance to injustice in our society.

Integrative and client-focused consulting services

In contrast to conventional approaches that prefer clients conform to the needs of the preferred model of the therapist, Elssa Martinez offers a therapeutic process tailored to the personality, preferred style, and specific needs of the client. She can work with you to integrate elements of humanistic counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation.

In holistic partnership with HOMAThérapie

HOMAThérapie is a professional holistic health center offering health care services from about thirty therapists in Montreal. Their licensed health professionals currently include: psychotherapists, psychologists, sexologists, osteopaths, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths as well as parenting, meditation and yoga classes.


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